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Teens Guide to the Constitution


TUKUKA has your back and it has developed the book, ‘Teens’ Guide to the Constitution’ just for you. The Teens Guide is an easy-to-read summary of the constitution. It starts with you at the basics of what a constitution is and why it is important for you. As you journey with it you will learn about how our constitution was developed and what it says about you as a young person.



Introduction to the Constitution of Kenya, 2010

CHAPTER 1: Power of the People and authority of the Constitution

CHAPTER 2: The Republic

CHAPTER 3: Citizenship

CHAPTER 4: Bill of Rights

CHAPTER 5: Land and Environment

CHAPTER 6: Leadership and Integrity

CHAPTER 7: Representation of the People

CHAPTER 8: The Legislature

CHAPTER 9: The Executive

CHAPTER 10: Judiciary

CHAPTER 11: Devolved Government

CHAPTER 12: Public Finance

CHAPTER 13: Public Service

CHAPTER 14: National Security

CHAPTER 15: Commissions and Independent Offices

CHAPTER 16: Amendment of the Constitution

CHAPTER 17: General Provisions

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