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I woke up startled

I woke up startled, with goosebumps all over my skin.

She was here, I could feel it.

I had completely no idea what had triggered my eighth sense, one that particularly seemed to come alive whenever she was around, whenever I could feel her crawling around under my skin. She was here, and this time I wasn’t letting her go, not without an explanation.

“Faith, is that you?” I stupidly inquired, though every bone in my body knew it was her, but I guess I was trying to make small talk. I had a little soulless part deep inside the carvings of my heart that hoped she would answer, despite everything.

That she would ironically have the heart to talk to me, to explain the situation we were currently in.

“Why are you doing this, Faith?” I so foolishly continued, slowly making my way downstairs, my skin chill and the hair at the back of my neck continuously rising with every single step I daunting l took down the creaky floorboards.

As I came to a slow stop at the bottom of the stairs, I noticed it was happening again, the petals of lavender flowers that would always be strewn across my living room floor, ones that I presumed were meant to send me a particular message.

I threw my hands up exasperatedly.

It happened, Faith. It happened. But that doesn’t mean it was my fault.”

I wouldn’t cry. I wouldn’t let her see just how vulnerable she had made me.

“I know you blame me Faith, I know you do. But just hear me out, okay? Allow me to explain everything.

Just as I was on the brim of tears, I caught a glimpse of her, finally. It wasn’t much, just the end of her flowy and flawless white gown as she once again, disappeared on me, leaving a trail of lavender petals in her wake.

And just the love-sick fool I was always meant to be, I followed religiously.

I hated every part of this, this whole fiasco, and how it came to be.

I hated the fact that on top of all, I had been the alpha of this. I had caused this, with or without realizing it, and it had come back to haunt me.


Lost in my thoughts, I forgot to pay as much attention as I was supposed to, and she disappeared again. Right about now, I was standing by the door that lead to my basement and the chills running down my back were all but fathomable. She had brought me here on purpose, the place I hadn’t stepped into since two years ago.

The place it had all began.

My legs became numb, I couldn’t move. Every part of me screamed to run, let go of everything, yet my soul was stuck to this ground like a sticky piece of school-girl gum.

Time felt like it has slowed down, and the only sound I could hear was that of a grown man who was scared to death, his heart pulsating out of his chest, sweat trickling down his neck and the ever slight chatter of his teeth.

That man was me.

The quiet silence was broken by the eerie spine-tingling scream that followed, one would have thought there were ten banshees within vicinity.

I jerked back to life and did what was required of my mundane nature, running in the direction of danger rather than away from it. My feet so willingly sprung down the basement stairs in a speed motion that I didn’t know I had.

Maybe a part of me thought it was happening all over again, and maybe this time I would be vigilant enough to stop it beforehand.

I didn’t care about the chocking smell, the darkness around me, or the fact that I was back on the crime scene, I only cared about her, and her alone.

And then suddenly, time came to a standstill, and I saw her, in all her magnificence, white gown sprawled around her, lavender flower in her curly black hair.

I fell down to my knees, broken, wasted, and tears cascading rapidly down my face, as I looked up to seek forgiveness from the face I had wanted to see in all the two years I had been alone.

But it wasn’t there, in its place was just vacuum and emptiness that broke my heart into a million tiny pieces.

One thing was apparent, I was never getting her back.

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