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At 17 years of age, Udula longed to be his own person. He often dreamed of the day he would have enough money to move out of his parent home, to buy his first car, to attend as many concerts as he wanted and date that beautiful girl from his neighbourhood. Five years later now an adult and having completed his secondary education, Udula was finally bequeathed with his inheritance- a vast swath of land in his father’s homestead. He had the opportunity to make all his dreams come true and often took long walks across the empty land contemplating his next moves towards self-actualization. Unfortunately, the hours spent thinking and planning turned to days, the days to weeks and many years later Udula is yet to make any decision or progress about his land and future. He has instead turned bitter and paranoid at the slow pace of life as he watches his dreams wither away.

It is easy to frown at Udula for his inaction and underachievement yet there are many of us who are also vainly waiting for life to change to their satisfaction. We have dreams that are dying in us and just like Udula we are tilling our land in our heads, rarely venturing out into reality to make use of our abilities and talents. On the contrary we meet people who seem to be successful at everything they do. They have that Midas touch that turns everything to gold and we often wonder about their secrets, their drives and how they manage to get things done with all these pressures of life.

But with time you realise that there is no magic or secret to it. Those who have succeeded have made a conscious decision to do so. We all dream but few work at making those dreams a reality. You dream of being top of your class but fail to study or do your assignments, you promise to clean your room often but end up with the same mess all year round, you promise to get over your addiction(s) but sink even deeper as the months go by. This can be very discouraging and unfruitful was to live.

Perhaps what you need to do is to set better goals for yourself. Goals that motivate you and speak to the highest priorities of your life. You must ask yourself where you want to be in the next month, year or decade and outline how you want to get there. Your goals must however be SMART. This means that they should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. Writing the goals is the easy part. Staying committed to them is the greatest challenge and you can ask a friend to help you keep tabs on your progress.

It doesn’t matter what those goals are so long as they are important to. Take time to chart your own path and make it a daily habit to feed your vision while starving all distractions that take away from your dreams.


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