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What is Tukuka?

Tukuka is a Swahili word meaning to, “be great and widely known.” Tukuka Centre is a knowledge-based institution that believes in the potential of young people to be great and widely known within their communities. It innovatively develops and disseminates information to teenagers and young adults with the aim of turning their acquired knowledge into tangible values that young people can embrace and use to positively impact their surroundings.

Why is Tukuka?

Tukuka believes knowledge is power and the dissemination of timely and accurate information to young people can help build future generations of whole and civically engaged citizens. By providing information on critical issues such as health, education, politics and human rights, Tukuka Centre is creating a pool of informed, educated and active Kenyans who are self-aware and socially mobile.

Our Origin

Tukuka Centre was established after the launch of the book, “Teens Guide to the Constitution of Kenya.” The Teens Guide is an easy to read summary of the constitution for teenagers and young adults and offers young people the opportunity to understand and appreciate the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. Upon further engagements with young people on the book it was realized that they need more information on the issues that affect them if they are to effectively participate in building their nation. Tukuka Centre was therefore established as a ‘one-stop shop’ where young people can receive and share this information and engage and interact with their peers on national and global issues.