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Tukuka Centre is a knowledge-based institution that believes in the potential of young people to be great and widely known within their communities. It innovatively develops and disseminates information to teenagers and young adults with the aim of turning their acquired knowledge into tangible values that young people can embrace and use to positively impact their surroundings.


We aspire to become the reference center for teenagers, young adults, organizations, governments and regional bodies on matters related to teenagers and young adults and their engagement in governance, human rights and social development affairs.

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  • I woke up startled, with goosebumps all over my skin. She was here, I could feel it. I had completely no idea what had triggered my eighth sense, one that particularly seemed to come alive whenever she was around, whenever I could

  • I’ve always thought, if the world would be better off without someone in it, that person would be me. And that’s what has always driven me. Most people would probably think am suicidal, or addicted to sadness, which, let’s face it,

  • “Get off the road. Shenzi! Go kill yourself somewhere else, eh, some of us have to get to work.” The thick set man was wearing the shiniest suit Kaju had ever seen, reflecting the sunlight aggressively into people’s eyes with

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