That thin line between FOMO! and teen finances

Your lack of a steady income should not stop you from developing a savings habit. In fact, the good habits you develop when you are young will help you thrive when you are older.

Elko Lemiso…On life as a teenage boy and how he is creating memories through software

My mom always tells me the worst thing you can be in the world is a broke man. We live in very competitive times and our society expects a man to be successful in every aspect of his life. According to the society, you are a failure as a man if you don’t have a stable source of income, a family, a house and a car.

Teens, Sex and the Law

The courts are now acknowledging that adolescents who indulge in sex, both ought to be treated as children in need of care and protection rather than imprisoning the boy child, who under the law, is also a child incapable of consenting to sex. 

Depression in teens

There is nothing to be ashamed of. You are not weak or unworthy. Finding the right diagnosis from a health professional will be critical as you get better. Counsellors and psychologists could help in diagnosing and treating depression once the signs are communicated.

Boss tips for teens in the fashion industry

You may be into trends and love the feel of new clothes on your body, but it takes much more to make a living out of fashion. Starting a clothing line in particular, requires strategy and hard work to succeed. […]

How to keep your money and stay rich…

A loaded bank account. A fat wallet and a heavy purse. This is definitely everyone’s desire. However, it is not a piece of cake to achieve this and that is why everyone is up and about hustling for money. For […]

Teen Body Odor and other nasties

It is natural to wake up with bad breath. It is also ok, to smell of sweat after a rigorous physical activity such as dancing or running the treadmill. However, if your Body Odor (BO) doesn’t go away even after […]


Dear TUKUKA, I am in my second year of high school but things are not going as well as I imagined. I am getting bullied by a girl in my school. She insults and humiliates me with every opportunity she […]